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HL Pharma has over 20 years of industry knowledge and experience sourcing and supplying unregistered/unlicensed pharmaceuticals to hospitals, pharmacies, doctors, veterinarians and pharmaceutical wholesalers to ensure healthcare providers have access to an appropriate overseas registered product in the event the Australian registered product is in short supply or unavailable.  HL Pharma hold licenses to import Schedule 2 (pharmacy medicine), S3 (pharmacist only medicine), S4 (prescription medicine/animal prescription medicine)  S8 (controlled drug) and S9 (prohibited substance) HL Pharma is the partner of choice for the distribution of a number of niche pharmaceutical products.

Matt Hayward established HL Pharma in March 2014, having moved back to Australia after many years working in the UK. Matt has worked in many areas of the pharmacy profession including community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, manufacturing, wholesaling and veterinary. He has extensive experience in the area of unregistered/unlicensed medicines supply, having owned his own company in the UK before it’s acquisition by United Drug of Ireland.


We work with pharmacists, hospitals, medical practitioners, medical boards and organisations, governments, biopharmaceutical companies, veterinarians, not-for-profit and other pharmaceutical companies.

We source products from a growing network of global suppliers registered with a government approved regulator. Suppliers must be registered to be a government approved regulator within our ever-growing network of suppliers worldwide.

These are pharmaceuticals that are not registered with the Australian Therapeutic Goods Agency that may be registered in another country. HL Pharma can provide information on the most appropriate method of obtaining these types of products. The use of unregistered/unlicensed pharmaceuticals is permissible in Australia under a variety of TGA approvals.

Products are stored in temperature controlled GDP (Good Distribution Practice) compliant warehouse facilities including controlled ambient (15-25°C), cold chain (2-8°C) and frozen storage.  HL Pharma aims to deliver to our customers within one to two working days.


We assist healthcare professionals to meet the needs of their patients.


Phase 1: Your patient requires a product.

Phase 2: Contact HL Pharma.

Phase 3: Arrange for the product to be delivered.


Phase 1: Your patient needs a product.

Phase 2: Contact HL Pharma.

Phase 3: Our expert pharmacists source an appropriate product from GDP compliant suppliers within our global network.

Phase 4: We apply for the required permit.

Phase 5: The product is imported via an approved logistics partner, ensuring safe and efficient transit.

Phase 6: Complete paperwork for Australian Customs.

Phase 7: The product is delivered to the healthcare professional.


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